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Alexis Reid

Boston Child Study Center
Director of Learning Based Services
Boston, MA
Trained at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD and Boston College, Alexis has worked in many different educational settings throughout her career. Most recently she taught in the Boston area and is now the Director of Learning Based Services at the Boston Child Study Center (BCSC) and an Educational Consultant. Alexis is currently focused on helping to improve the training of executive function skills while closing academic gaps. At the BCSC she coordinates educational programs and services for learners, their parents, and teachers. As a CAST Professional Learning UDL Cadre member, Alexis strives to promote the integration of Universal Design for Learning into the educational landscape and has presented to and coached educators and administrators near and far. She is particularly passionate about fostering engagement in learning across contexts and works to nurture expert learning through the creation of optimal learning environments for all learners to thrive. Alexis is a consummate learner who seeks to integrate research and literature related to learner variability, mindfulness, mindset, executive functions, and positive youth development by sharing and working with other passionate individuals in the field.

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